What can I recycle?


•Newspapers (with inserts)
•Magazines and Catalogs
•Advertising Mail
•Cardboard and Paperboard Boxes (including all cereal boxes without the liners, frozen food packaging, etc.)
•Corrugated Cardboard
•Computer Printouts
•Colored Paper
•Books (including paperbacks, textbooks, and hardbacks)
•Office Paper (including typing, fax, copy and letterhead) and Envelopes
•Brown Paper Bags (kraft)
•Telephone Books
•Non-Metallic Wrapping Paper
•Aseptic/Gable-Top Milk and Juice Cartons
•Shredded paper contained in a sealed or tied bag


•Used paper towels, tissues •Used paper plates, cups, etc.
•Metallic wrapping paper
•Wax paper, laminated paper
•Any paper contaminated with food waste
•Loose, shredded paper (must be contained in one tied or sealed bag)

ACCEPTABLE NON-FIBER (Plastic, Glass & Metal)

•#1-#7 Rigid Plastic Containers including bottles, jugs, wide-mouth tubs, and trays (clean of food waste)
•Aluminum Food & Beverage Containers
•Steel/tin cans such as soup and vegetable cans
•Aluminum Foil & Aluminum Pie Pans •Glass Containers: jars and bottles
•Aerosol Cans (empty) – NOT ACCEPTABLE –
•Styrofoam (cups, plates, bowls, to-go containers, and foam packing material of any kind)
•Materials contaminated with food waste/grease
•Trash/Food Waste •Colored plastic film (such as candy and food wrappers or bags, colored plastic bags)
•Loose plastic film (must be contained within one bag!)
•Plastic cutlery (forks, knives, spoons) •Non-container glass (cookware, windows, mirrors or plate glass)
•Motor oil containers
•Construction and Demolition Material
•Vinyl siding